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I want my suitcase of pornography and sexual paraphernalia back.
-- Mr. Bad

What a Riot!

Lots of bad people being bad together.

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Virtual Sit-In == Real World Hacktivism
Dig this shit, freaky peoples: virtual sit-in to protest the Navy bombing in Vieques. Tomorrow! Wed. Jun 13! Join the protest and meet some protest chicks! (Protest chicks are notoriously loose, by the way. Just so you know.) -- Mr. Bad


Crazy Freakfest In the Streets for J20
d00d! It's that time again -- another protest massive in the HEART of the MACHINE. Welcome in the Second Bush Era with a scream and not a whimper -- hit the streets on J20! -- Mr. Bad


They Fought the Man... and Won!!
Fuckin' A, you got to finally hand it to those Serbs. After a 1/2 century of abuse and piss poor leadership, they got off their asses and kicked the bums out. -- JRoyale


Hallmark's Demented Tax Postcards
As civilization atrophies, insanity grips even the bastion of saccharine consumer greeting cards. The fear and paranoia that greets tax day shifts the zeitgeist into a dark, destructive funk. And instinctively, on some deep, primal level, Hallmark begins reflecting the mounting despair with a series of web postcards catering to the cathartic release that can only come from seeing shit fucked up. -- El Destino


All Good People Are Asleep And Dreaming
Firecracker-related fatalities are on the rise in China. People want to blow things up to celebrate the Lunar New Year, and don't give a rat's ass about the fact that it's illegal. The result: Dangerous, illegal fireworks in every home! It's Fatalitastic! What a ride! What a trip! -- Miles Standish


Protesters Win; Tjames Wrong
If there's one thing Seattle loves, it's when the whole family gets together and protests the WTO. The mayor has spoken in favor of the protests, albeit prompted by a negative-press bitchslap. The police are now escorting and assisting the rioters. People are now protesting mostly to free the protesters. Has the protest been assimilated back into the normal world? Also, Tjames is wrong. -- Miles Standish


Miles Standish is a Big, Dumb Hillbilly
There's no denying that protests can be an effective mechanism for change. Or that sometimes protests don't do shit. But what are the protests up in Seattle accomplishing? -- Tjames Madison


No More Knees!
The only things I like are paranoid sex and childish greed, so no one loves free trade more than I do. Nonetheless, I think I'm standing on the side of the Communist weirdos on this: the WTO is bad. The protests against them are good. -- Miles Standish


Big Stupid Numbers
Apparently the latest justification coming down the pipe for the Duncecap Riverdance going on up in Seattle is that it "causes serious problems for the WTO," so therefore anything goes. Right. I bet the WTO is issuing collective heaving sobs right at this minute, tossing and turning in their hotel linens and unable to sleep a wink because all those northwest guttersnipe kids are being sooooo mean to them. -- Tjames Madison


Fuck the Issues! Let's Tear Shit Up!
Okay, so the protesters include a set of stupid people. The fact is, they've caused serious problems for the WTO with their merry ragamuffin ways, and I say that puts them on the Environmentalist Santa's Nice list. Even the Commies. -- Miles Standish


The WTO Protests are Decadent and Depraved
Is it just me, or is it that BOTH the WTO and the chunderheads protesting against the WTO in Seattle are starting to look equally repellent? -- Tjames Madison


Overconfident pre-Woodstock 99 Cop Ramblings
This is just the coolest thing. The head of security for Woodstock 99 is bragging about how well he'll run things for security, and how cool the fascist security will be. -- Miles Standish


Woodstock Ends In Rioting the Way Webzine99 Should Have
Woo hoo! I wasn't there, of course, but people were very angry and revolutionary in a good way at Woodstock, it seems. It was not a Catholic high school production of Hair. -- Miles Standish


Ayatollah This Was Gonna Happen
Haw haw! Remember those wacky Iranian "students" who held all those people hostage back when Jimmy Carter was President and made all those people like Ted Koppel famous because he got to come on the TV every night and look all worried and go "America Held Hostage! Day 217!" and then he would talk about those bad "students" and what are those "students" going to do and who knows what those "students" want? Well ha ha ha, now those "students" are mad at the Ayatollah! -- Tjames Madison


Stonehenge Solstice Ceremonies Turn Ugly
Hundreds of bad hippies, scofflaw witches, and drunken ravers stormed the Stonehenge monuments during the summer solstice last weekend, dancing on top of the monoliths and interrupting the official druid ceremonies. Riot police were called in and battled the revelers for hours with vicious dogs, billy clubs, and horse units. -- El Snatcher


Beer Riot Claims 54 Lives in Belarus
How come when stuff like this happens in a place most people can't find on a map, we have to dig through the back pages of the paper to read about it? I realize location plays a large part in determining how stories get covered here in Amurrica, but can you believe this? FIFTY-FOUR people were killed in a BEER RIOT! If that sort of thing happened in Toledo, we'd be talking about it for years! -- Tjames Madison


Buddhist Monk RIOT!
Man, riots are in the news a lot lately, have you noticed? CNN is reporting crazy fighting among Buddhist monks in Korea over some kind of crazy leadership-election nuttiness. I heard on BBC radio that the monks were attacking each other with fire extinguishers like crazy frat boys. Anyways, I guess they're just living by that ancient Buddhist doctrine: "Power comes from the barrel of a fire retardant cannister system." -- Mr. Bad


Club Med RIOT!
Tabloid-dot-net reports that striking waiters and maids at the Club Med in Martinique have gone shithouse crazy. They're setting stuff on fire and throwing rocks at police and stuff. The French army had to intervene to get hundreds of pasty, Bermuda-shorts-wearing tourists to safety from the mob. Hell, if I worked at Club Med, I'd be pretty edgy, myself. Kinda puts a new twist on Club Med's 'Antidote to Civilization' slogan, doesn't it? -- Mr. Bad

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Topless Protest -- Making Protests More Fun
Bare-boobed beauties protest logging practices in Northern California. OK, they were bare-boobed hippies, but that doesn't sound as good. -- Mr. Bad



Disco Inferno! -- Tjames Madison

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