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Variety is the spice of life. Cable television is the Spice Girl of Life.
-- Baron Earl


Laughable Technology
Technology created by marketing people or stupid engineers.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2011-04-18 UK Ministry of Defense redacts classified info by changing background color to black
2011-03-04 IE6 Down for the Count
2004-11-19 Mach 3 Power
2003-01-26 Microsoft's Shitty Software Fucks Up the Entire Goddamn Innernut
2002-07-26 An Eggcellent Idea!
2002-06-10 Asking Jeeves
2001-12-21 The Toyota MR2 is Decadent and Depraved
2001-12-17 France Threatens to Reinforce US Navy in Middle East
2001-06-27 Stop Microsoft from Embracing and Extending Your Home Page
2001-03-13 Stupid Security Tool for Stupid SysAdmins
2001-01-02 Shitfire, This Site is Worth Checking Out!
2000-06-22 Night of the Living Dead OS
2000-06-05 Gnutella "Worm" written in... VBScript?
2000-05-25 Counterfeit Counter-Espionage!
2000-03-07 Disgusting Digital Stench Technology
2000-02-08 Hey Mister, Bad News for DOS Fans
2000-01-28 I AM 3XTR33M, D00D
1999-12-14 I Represent All of Christendom
1999-11-11 Money for Almost Nothin
1999-11-11 Gross Homeopathic Linux Bigots!
1999-10-28 The POWER of IDEAS
1999-10-25 REXX!!!1!
1999-10-21 An Open Letter to Tim Berners-Lee
1999-09-13 What Part of 'Betamax' Don't You People Understand?
1999-08-26 Unisys Is a Bunch of Retards
1999-08-15 IBM Releases New Version of DOS!
1999-07-28 Tamagothi -- The Tamagotchi for Goths!
1999-07-18 Red Herring must DIE DIE DIE
1999-07-07 Web Search Engines Are Falling Down on the Job!
1999-07-06 Calculators that use 'Verbal' numbers!
1999-06-30 Transfer Capacitor Storage Device
1999-06-29 = SELLOUT.ORG!
1999-06-28 Electric Minds Isn't Dead Yet?! HA HA HA HA HA
1999-06-20 All Browsers SUCK ASS; Film at 11
1999-06-09 Third Voice Is COOLIO
1999-06-04 Linux Dot Gag
1998-11-09 So-called 'Smart Browsing' Sucks

Offsite Links

NOTE: content of offsite links is (usually) found and not created by Pigdog Journal staff. Read at your own risk.

2011-03-05 Former employee accused of writing virus to target Whac-a-Mole machines
-- Daemon Agent
2005-11-08 How can we miss him if he won't go away?
-- Baron Earl
2004-02-01 Jon Blake Cusack 2.0
Jon Blake Cusack 2.0 -- JRoyale
2002-08-16 Flying Cars
-- Baron Earl
2001-10-12 Porn bomb
-- El Destino
2001-06-29 Fat Masons Make Software
Fat, middle-aged Freemasons with poor Photoshop skills wax mystical on software, sacrifice goat in hotel room. -- Mr. Bad
2001-04-17 Wireless wagering brings cell phone gambling to church
-- El Destino
2001-03-05 Life with Peapod
-- El Destino
2001-02-07 Smiley Markup Language
At first I thought this site was going to be a cool paint fetish porn hole. But it turns out to be a way to make XML <gag /> that represents smileys <gag arity="double">. -- Mr. Bad
2001-01-19 Send Me One Free Fish
You give them your name, they bring you a fish. Or something. No, I'm not going to try it first. YOU try it. -- Mr. Bad
2000-12-15 How to Set Up a Live ASCII Video Feed
-- Baron Earl
2000-10-30 The top ten reasons Eternal Damnation is better than Windows
The top ten reasons Eternal Damnation is better than Windows Software Development -- JRoyale
2000-10-27 Crackers crack Microsoft
Crackers crack Microsoft. Did someone steal the Microsoft source code? Looks that way according to CNN - tho' one has to wonder why? -- JRoyale
2000-08-20 "Virtu-Cone" VR enhancer
-- El Destino
2000-07-21 Web economy bullshit generator
-- El Destino
2000-07-16 Visit E-Telegraph Avenue
-- El Snatcher
2000-07-08 Museum of Soviet Calculators
Museum of Soviet Calculators. -- Baron Earl
2000-05-17 More fun than you'd imagine
Robot Frank's page. As my friend April puts it, a kind of pre-futurama Bender in real life. Real Funny, though I'm not sure why. -- Patient Joab
2000-05-05 Daddies get their panties in a bunch over "Panty Raider: From Here to Immaturity."
Daddies get their panties in a bunch over "Panty Raider: From Here to Immaturity." -- JRoyale
2000-04-17 Everyone wants to know how you feel.
What's really important is how YOU feel, right? Use crazy to broadcast your miniscule variations in emotional stature to an unfeeling audience of millions. -- Mr. Bad
2000-04-05 The Ugly Side of Mozilla
The Ugly Side of Mozillur. Gag! -- Mr. Bad
2000-04-01 Ladies & Gentlemen, Dancing George Patton!
-- Flesh
2000-03-13 Huge RAM-choking Moaning Goat!
Huge RAM-choking Moaning Goat! A quantum-mechanical phenomenon, this Perl/TK system monitor will swallow down all your resources in one bite, just because you want to look at them. For evil geniuses only. -- Mr. Bad
1999-12-08 You'll Shit Your Pants, and Have Uncontrollable Loud & Wet Farts In Public. But Hey, You'll Be Thinner!
You'll Shit Your Pants, and Have Uncontrollable Loud & Wet Farts In Public. But Hey, You'll Be Thinner! -- Flesh
1999-11-08 Online Book: Nuclear War Survival Skills
Online Book: 'Nuclear War Survival Skills.' Cresson Kearny explains how you and your family can protect yourself from those pesky nuclear explosions! -- El Snatcher
1999-11-05 BBC: Brits used EXPLODING RATS to win WWII!!
-- El Snatcher
1999-10-20 Pet Peeve about HTTP
OK, I guess this makes me a small person, but the word "referrer" is misspelled in the HTTP protocol. I know, that's picayune, but it's used EVERYWHERE. And it's misspelled. Fuck. -- Mr. Bad
1999-10-06 Linux Sux? Whatever you say, Microsoft.
Well, apparently Linux Sucks. At least, that's what Microsoft says, and why would they lie? -- Mr. Bad
1999-08-31 Creepy old bald guy does an Internet radio show
-- Flesh
1999-08-29 Burn All GIFs Day
-- Fuckhead
1999-08-15 Crazy-Ass Neon Light Saber
Check it out! It's a crazy neon light saber, just like from that movie, "Star Track!" -- Mr. Bad
1999-08-11 Wired on crazy Extro4
Wired on crazy Extro4, the recent 'Extropian' conference in Berkeley. -- El Snatcher
1999-08-10 Assholes at SRL unable to find venue for show
The folks at SRL are unable to find a venue for their performances. Could being total ASSHOLES have something to do with it? You decide. Har har har! -- Mr. Bad
1999-08-07 BBC: Yugoslavs are creating a new 'cybernation'...
BBC: 'Birth of a Cybernation' -- Yugoslavs have created a bizarre virtual country that will 'go live' Sept. 9th. Anyone can be a citizen, and a minister. -- El Snatcher
1999-07-15 Laundry: A Quantum Mechanical Approach
Laundry: A Quantum Mechanical Approach (This paper is a simple introduction to the quantum theory of laundry.) -- El Snatcher
1999-07-15 Salon: Prankster gives away Excite's domain (Network Solutions' security is ridiculously lax).
-- El Snatcher
1999-07-13 UN says world Internet is increasing global inequality (Only rich white guys are able to use it).
-- El Snatcher
1999-07-12 Computer hackers go mainstream -- add 'newbie' tutorial to DefCon. Har Har.
-- El Snatcher
1999-07-08 Silly "feelie" Mouse Goes on Sale in September.
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-07-06 Real Sick Color Cases For Your Palm Pilot (The clear one is kinda cool, but that clear case stuff is so '80s.)
-- El Snatcher
1999-07-03 British Police Helmets Get Spy Cameras (HA).
-- El Snatcher



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