I love pornography. One of my biggest fears in life is that I'm gonna die and my parents are going to clean out my apartment and find that porno wing I've been adding onto for years.
-- Bill Hicks


Power Corrupts
Politics is an ugly business, which is what the Pigdog Journal does best.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2017-12-15 Fear and Loathing on Planet Arkuat
2007-03-25 A free press is annoying
2007-01-30 You down with OVP?
2006-02-23 Secret Service Agents say Cheney was Drunk
2003-02-26 Call Your Senator (an Ass-Sucking Bush-Wussy)
2003-01-17 These Boots are Made for Marching
2003-01-13 Time to Put the Governor in Jail
2002-11-01 ICANN Tells World to Fuck Off and Die
2002-10-03 Smallpox Vaccinations for EVERYONE
2002-04-23 Israelis Oblivious to Godwin's Law
2002-04-19 Drill or the Terrorist Have Already Won
2002-04-18 Andre the Giant Has A Posse Comitatus
2002-04-18 Click Here To Purchase More Votes At Passport.Com!
2002-04-18 Federal Judge Bitchslaps USAG John Ashcroft
2002-04-07 Fucking Lying Government Whores
2002-03-17 The Ins and Outs of a Very Sucky 2002
2002-03-17 Shrub's Axis of Stupidity
2002-03-02 Keep Your Hands Off of My PC
2002-02-27 PIMPMASTER W!
2001-11-11 So Gore Could Have Won
2001-10-31 House of Cards
2001-10-16 Wag the Fucking Dog Man, Wag the FUCKING Dog
2001-08-19 How a Bad U.S. Law becomes a Bad International Law
2001-08-08 George W. Bush Confronts Online Insurrection
2001-08-04 Dmitry Sklyarov Bail Hearing on Monday - More Protests Planned
2001-07-28 More Protests Scheduled for Monday
2001-07-26 Free Dmitry Sklyarov - March on the Feds!
2001-07-22 Free Dmitry Sklyarov - March on Adobe!
2001-06-03 Bush Threatens Press!
2001-01-24 Ungovernerable mob confronts Bush illegitimacy
2000-11-21 Larry Flynt Takes on George Bush
2000-11-13 The "Radical" Middle of American Politics. It Ain't Pretty (in more ways then one)
2000-11-09 The Numbers Show That There Are An Unusual Number of Nazis In Palm Beach
2000-11-09 News FLASH!!! Demos Assured of a White House Victory
2000-11-07 $3 Billion and Look at the Mess it Bought. I Want a Refund.
2000-10-31 Think Locally. Vote Nationally.
2000-10-27 Michael Moore Says... Vote Nader
2000-10-26 Time to Vote...

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2006-10-01 Fuck religion
Stuff like this makes me want to believe in hell, which is not what an atheist likes. -- Michael Bakunin
2004-06-20 Mrs Saddam says Saddam is not Saddam
-- Baron Earl
2003-04-22 A very special E-Sheep: 'All's Well That Ends Well'
2003-01-28 It's All So Clear Now
This would explain just about everything. -- Miss Conduct
2002-04-11 These Caibou Will Be Held Accountable
Now make NO mistake, these caribou will be held accountable (Flash) -- JRoyale
2002-03-20 Everything You Wanted To Know About The War On Terrorism (But Would Be Held In A Tribunal For Asking...)
2001-07-28 Dvorak Online: The Sklyarov Gambit
-- Baron Earl
-- Baron Earl
2001-04-04 Dubya becomes Palm game character
-- El Destino
2001-02-15 Is the Bush administration over yet?
-- El Destino
2001-01-26 Paranoid Bush scours Oval Office for Clinton stains
-- El Destino
2001-01-24 Bush Is Stupid
-- El Destino
2000-11-11 Bush-bashing fun
-- El Destino
2000-11-09 I Have to Admit That This Is Particularly Satisfying
I have to admit that this is particularly satisfying. -- Mr. Bad
2000-11-05 Porn stars on the Presidential candidates
-- El Destino
2000-11-05 Which politico will be Playboy's "Beltway Babe"
-- El Destino
2000-11-05 Penthouse on Presidential Candidates
-- El Destino



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