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Y6B: Citizens of Earth: Reduce Birthrate or Face Certain DOOOOOOM!

by El Snatcher

1999-07-10 05:26:07

Everyone is getting fed up with the constant CHANTING about Y2K. Even Ed Yourdon, bigshot mainframe guy, and author of Timebomb 2000, who did A LOT to spread awareness (more like panic) about Y2K is backing off the subject, saying, hey, there's nothing more I can do. (I assume he's retreated into his multi-million dollar, plushed out bomb shelter purchased with the proceeds of his book.) So it's time for something ELSE to go CRAZY about. So how about "Y6B" (the year of 6 billion)?

Yes, it's true, some time soon, a baby will be born, and the world's population count will reach six BILLION people.

What are YOU doing about Y6B? are YOU ready for Y6B? What will happen when it's Y6B? Do you have your Y6B food supply prepared? What will you do when the hordes of starving, unprepared masses (er, babies) come after it? Will you REALLY be able to pull the trigger?! Actually, why the hell are you copulating all the time. Knock it off.

These are the questions...

Don't you see? There will be WAR for fresh water! People will eat all of the world's animals into extinction!!! BOOGA!!

This is really not a new bugaboo to worry about; overpopulation is bigtime old hat -- but why not give it a cool acronym: Y6B! Y6B! Y6B! That's exactly what the Scripps Howard New Service has decided to do. Check out this article in "The Conway, Arkansas Log Cabin Democrat."

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