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I thought you were registered under the USDA "Soil Bank" program. Like, by law, you have to let the job fields lay fallow.
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scary daemon processes

by Pao Tzu

2000-02-22 04:58:13

The media can even demonize a daemon.

I'm trying to look at to check the latest news so I can read the latest deal with the FBI and those people who smurfed eTrade.
Usual bullshit involved. cookie: CNN=cf19472a-28442-95 Allow? (Y/N/Always/neVer) V
``The official said these tools, called daemons, can be planted on hundreds of innocent third-party computers''
Fuck the media. I can't believe how these idiots manipulate words. I remember when they first started using the word ``hacker'' to describe a computer miscreant. These are the same dipshits that first coined the term ``thug'' to mean some sort of bad guy. Now ``daemon.''

  • 1. Thugs: not bad guys, an Indian group in the British East India Company territory.
  • 2. Hackers: not DoS specialists. not ``daemon'' planters. Computer zealots who bring a minicomputer up from not booting to running i486 hubble space probe calculations for NASA. Hackers are well paid individuals.
  • 3. Daemon: an automated piece of computer software,
    Any program that is ``planted'' is a Trojan Horse.



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