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Naked Ladies with Bags on their Heads

by Mr. Bad

1999-07-13 19:46:46

This site is CRAZY! Naked ladies with paper bags on their heads! For REAL!

Despite the obvious "two-bagger" jokes that you may be tempted to make, this is actually a pretty crazy site. Sure, there's always the risk that you stumble across the Unknown Comic while you're perusing "Nudes Masked," but, man, that's the kind of sacrifice you have to make for porn these days.

There's LOTS and LOTS of pictures. It's kind of cool, all the different masks people make out of their paper bags. Like, HELL, if yer wearing a bag anyways, why not make it kind of nice? That's what I think. If I was gonna get naked on this site, I would make one with SPOCK on it. Or a MANDRILL!

Don't forget that this is ART, by the way, so a lot of the fun is taken out. Black and white pictures, and naked d00ds, too. So if you're scared of penises, STEER CLEAR. But otherwise, dig this crazy bag-head site.

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