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I don't let cops and judges tell me what I ought to think democracy is.
-- Dashiell Hammett

Swinger Conference GETS IT ON in Reno! YEAH Baby!!!

by El Snatcher

1999-07-12 06:02:13

Swarming swingers descended on Reno Nevada -- like LOCUSTS -- to attend the "Lifestyles '99 Reno Rendezvous" convention (July 7 - 10), and hear hedgehog-man RON JEREMY explain how NOT to break the law while engaging in wild wife swapping ACTION!

There is a convention for everything, that is one thing certain in life. But this one might be a little more, let us say, ~pleasurable~, than some others? (Cheeky monkey.)

The MEAT of the show was the workshops. People learned about "Sex and the Law," presented by the aforementioned Hedgehog-man, as well as tutorials on all sorts of... OH MY GOODNESS! You better have a look at the schedule of tutorials yourself... . Heh.

My favorites tutorials were "Let's Play with the Pink Places," by Terri Galietta, and "Beyond Viagra!" by Uri Peles, MD.

Ah, and then there was the "erotic" art...

Start planning your trip to Lifestyles 2000 NOW!!!

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