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Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube.
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Put the BOOGIE in your Butt

by Mr. Bad

1999-05-16 12:59:27

Well, I have to admit that I've never found enemas particularly sexy. I mean, I didn't find them sexy until I found this COOLIO SITE,! Damn!

This is a weird fetish site, because they have ACTUAL HALF-DECENT-LOOKING WOMEN doing weirdo gross stuff like getting an enema. It's CRAZY. I can't believe how nice-looking these women are. And, they've got big TUBES IN THEIR ASSES.

I'm also learning a little bit about the lingo of erotic enemas. Apparently the "end result" of an enema is called an "expulsion," which they thankfully don't have a lot of pictures of on this site. Otherwise, I'd probably be real grossed out.

So, if you like the tube-in-butt thing, or if you want to see a fetish site that won't make you laugh or cringe, check out Enemarotica.

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