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I ahte being a drunk tyypisty...
-- Peter

Tolkien on Evil Swedish Site

by JRoyale

2001-10-13 18:22:47

In this Shockwave game, fantasy fiction master J. R. R. Tolkien is sitting by himself in a dark Swedish woods and needs your help.

That this is probably the most disgusting shockwave ever produced is not apparent until the shocking and horrific conclusion. If you are employed in one of those more conservative work places, this is probably a site that your boss would be happier if you avoided.

It comes as no shock that a Swede is behind this evil site and so not surprisingly everything is in Swedish - including the instructions. I debated on whether or not to provide spoilers and I've decided that if you're so damned determined to play the game then you can figure out out how to play it yourself. When you feel really, really dirty, you've ... errr ... won the game - so to speak. Congregations, dumbass, now go take a shower.

Remember, you surf the web at your own risk, so if you want to see the nadir of the information super highway, go here, follow the Spela spelet link and don't tell them that Pigdog sent ya.

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