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Beauty Mag Plugs Preggers Porn By Mistake
2000-06-20 11:33:15

Would You Like Fetish With That?
Van Morrison would have arranged this song much tighter!
-- Arkuat


Glamour magazine did something stupid. In a gushy piece about The Gap's new line of maternity clothing, they pointed all their readers to a porn fetish site.

Glamour's readers discovered a fetish site catering to specialized wanking material. "Big babes....pregnant...feet..." Instead of maternity clothing from the Gap, a Huntington Beach porn-meister was displaying a mirror of his other porn site,

A fashion editor at Glamour thought their maternity clothing article should have a cute made-up dotcom name for its headline -- so they called it "" But the porn-meister had already been using that domain since 1998. Glamour's readers found themselves reading banner ads offering "Enlarge Your Penis" or hawking pictures of "the world's biggest tits."

It's not even a good pregnancy porn site. The preview pics are tiny, thumb-sized teasers -- and their pregnant models are unusually unattractive. (If you're going to do preggers porn, do it right!) It also offers "Feet for guys who like feet" -- and "thick chicks." What the hell is a "thick chick?"

Apparently someone dum enough to offer photos of "colledge chicks" also thought they could carve out a niche for themselves by coming up with stupid names for photos they already had. Thick chicks are women who are "not too fat, not too skinny, just the way you like 'em." ("We don't feature any HUGE, OBESE chicks, what we specialize in is more along the lines of 'strong, toned' chicks...") Thank you, Glamour. Not only did you point to a porn site. You pointed to a stupid one.

But I guess anything's better than the Gap.

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