Boy Howdy! That's some damn fine Pigdog!


1999-12-18 23:46:26

Would You Like Fetish With That?
Fear is the enemy and anarchy is our supply line!
-- Mr. Bad


The sweating! The groaning! The writhing around! The mesmerizing sight of a pair of tiny feet pushing forth from a pulsating vagina during a kinky breach delivery! The pure erotic pleasure of an unnassisted childbirth!

"She lies on her back legs spread wide apart heavily breathing faster, harder..."

Wow! This is some hot and heavy stuff. Let's read down:

"Pressure inside her builds as never before warm, wet and slippery."


"She is almost there..."

Give it to me baby!

"and releases one last earth shattering scream."


"Over now, she opens her eyes gazing in awe at the one she loves,"

Awwww. How tender!

"wet and exhausted and yearning to be held in her arms. She reaches out, embraces her newborn baby boy"

YUCK! Gross! Bleagh!!!!! Oh man, I feel all dirty and tingly in all the wrong places. Thanks a whole fuckin' lot, sick childbirth porno people...

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