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When Rigor Mortis Sets In
1999-10-07 21:55:30

Weird Science
We've gotta get out of here. I have The Fear.
-- Dr. Gonzo


Ever wonder what happens after we die? How do cells die? What makes a stiff stiff? You can find out about how all this exciting stuff happens by reading this article. A chart summarizes a way to estimate the time of death. Decomposition is also charted out for the reader's convenience.

One of my favorite sayings when I am bored is "I can feel the rigor mortis setting in." I decided to see what the Internet had to offer on the subject and this article came up in the search.

I love the way the charts summarize the body temperature of a corpse and decomposition. I hope I don't die after I work out because decomposition happens faster if the body temperature is raised. Dying when it is cold is also a way to slow the nasty decomposition process. Seeing a stiff on the street is a real possibility, and now with the knowledge you have gained you can guess how long that person has been dead.

I do not recommend reading this when you are eating. Of course it can be used as a way to help one diet. Just check out the second chart when you feel tempted to break your weight reduction plan.

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