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There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal.
-- Captain Kirk

16 Hours of Hell

by Baron Earl

2001-12-01 16:39:49

Could you survive 16 hours in a Home Depot? A bet is made, a line is drawn, the line is crossed. This is the story of one man's journey into the heart of darkness.

Why would someone stay in a Home Depot for 16 hours? A wager was made, pitting peanut butter and frosting consumption against a 16 hour stay at Home Depot.

"I am in the process of going up and down every aisle... for the first time. I have also reached my first goal. I found the place where they make keys. I am soon to be a paying customer. The only issue is that none of the aisles are labeled in any way so I may never find it again. I already want to sit down. I am so fucked."

Hardware will never be the same.

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