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Rock is Dead
1999-12-08 17:13:18

Viva La Musica
In 20 years we'll all be driving around in electric flying cars anyway.
-- Tjames Madison


It was a sad day in Rock and Roll history today. Not only did the Rock Roll Tourist Trap er, Hall of Fame induct a most unworthy Bonnie Rait & James Taylor into their ranks, but it gets much worse.

Seeing a perfect opportunity to throw salt onto fresh deep cuts, the Recording Industry Association of America (The same people who gave the world The Grammies, and frivolous music-related lawsuits) have named The Eagles' album "Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975" as the best selling album of the century. Things like this are why people hate lawyers, and why the entire RIAA should be dropped into an slow-running industrial meat grinder. And as much as I hate to admit it, even Michael Jackson's "Thriller" would have made a more logical choice, not to mention "Dark Side of The Moon".

Die RIAA die!

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