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Subliminal Seduction and Windows 95

by El Snatcher

1999-02-17 03:25:00

It is widely believed that Microsoft has become the dominant force in desktop computing by the use of anti-competitive practices, such as product tying, dumping (e.g.: Internet Explorer), and strong-arming vendors. But what if the truth is something even darker...

What if the Microsoft druids have been able to practice a form of mind control known as "subliminal influence"? Widely practiced by the highly successful alcohol and cigarette companies, subliminal messages are thought to be effective by many corporations, advertising agencies and psychologists.

The goal of subliminal influence is to cause people to act in certain ways unconsciously, without the use of logical thought processes. Messages are flashed, sounds are inserted, symbols are hidden and disguised--stimuli that is just below the threshold of consciousness, yet still powerful enough to evoke the base emotions of fear, power and sex.

Evidence has recently surfaced of MANY subliminal messages embedded in Microsoft's Windows 95 operating system. Perhaps Microsoft did not believe that enough people would buy Windows 95 based on reason alone...

Are you a Microsoft Zombie?

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