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A lot of UK Judges are Freemasons!
1998-11-12 05:04:00

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So the Freemasons are just an innocent group of friendly golfer types who get together to talk shop, and help each other in business. Sort of a "gentleman's club," if you will. Right? Then why is the British Government so WORRIED about Freemasons, and forcing the judges, police, and EVEN PRISON GUARDS to come clean about their involvement in the ancient society?! The BBC is reporting that the Masons have bowed to pressure to name names!

And so they have. About five to six percent of the judges, magistrates, justices of the peace, etc., are now admitting Masonic membership.

Why IS the British government so paranoid about Masons? GOOD QUESTION. Apparently, there have been several nasty law enforcement scandals lately, including one about a special police unit (97 members strong) called the "West Midlands Serious Crimes Squad" that was formed to investigate terrorist bombings. It was disbanded because of corruption, and for operating outside the law with things like a "shoot-to-kill" policy in Northern Ireland. Internal affairs investigators found that the one thing that ties these scandals together is Freemasonry!

On the other hand, maybe those poor masons are just being unfairly scapegoated. Is it really fair that to become a police officer in the UK, you have to admit your Masonic affiliation? Ha ha ha.

Follow the link below to see the BBC article about this, and don't forget to take a look at the BBC's side-bar, "Relevant Stories," for background on this whole dirty business.

I wonder how many of our Judges are Freemasons...

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