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Great Pyramid To Receive New Gold Capstone

by El Snatcher

1998-11-16 20:22:00

The Associated Press is reporting that to celebrate the turn of the millennium the Egyptian government is planning to replace the missing capstone of the Great Pyramid at Giza with a new GOLDEN CAPSTONE. But only for ONE NIGHT. Zahi Hawass, the powerful and well-known caretaker of the Giza Plateau monuments, is also proposing that the Great Pyramid be closed to the public FOREVER. Forever is a long time, and why go to all the trouble just to cap the Pyramid for one night? Could there be an ulterior motive?

Some suggest that the whole thing smacks of occult ritual...

Look at the Masonic symbolism on the reverse side of the One Dollar Bill ( The capstone of the depicted pyramid is disconnected and shines like gold. This is exactly how the Great Pyramid will look with its new golden capstone! Imagine the flood lights that will be aimed all over it on the eve of the Millennium. The Egyptians plan to erect steel scaffolding to replace most of the missing stones at the top of the pyramid, and then to put one, large, golden, triangular stone on the very top.

In Masonic symbolism, the disconnected capstone ("pyramidion") of the pyramid represents completion of the soul in the afterlife...

Is it all just ANOTHER big coincidence?

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