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-- Mark Twain

Place Your Head Here. The Jackboot Will Be Along Shortly

by Flesh

1999-12-13 11:54:01

If we believe the various panic groups, the world is a dangerous place to be in, and we need better protection. So dangerous, are these criminals that a system has been devised to catch criminals BEFORE they've actually committed any kind of criminal activity. Well, they now have. Welcome to the dawning of the age of thought crime.

This brand new computer system according to it's creators Steve Maybank at the University of Reading and David Hogg at the University of Leeds can "identify" car thieves, vandals, people contemplating suicide, shoplifters, muggers, and terrorists to name a few. Frankly, such technology is not only frightening, but obviously takes us one step closer to totalitarianism. Hitler would have loved this stuff!

I just hope that for the holidays, someone gives these guys copies of George Orwell's 1984. It'll make for good reading as the drag us down their slippery slope of good intentions into hell.

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