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The day is my enemy. The night is my friend.
-- Ella Fitzgerald

Oh You Didn't Know? You Better Call Somebody!

by Flesh

1999-08-16 22:18:32

It's a fairly well know fact, that professional wrestling styles itself as a social barometer, as a way of staying popular and keeping it's soap opera story lines flowing seamlessly. Example: in the 70's during the Iranian crisis, we had the Iron Sheik. Flash forward to the edge of the millenium. What does pro wrestling have to give us? Mr. Ass, of course!

There's no doubt about it. Titan Sports (owners of World Wide Wrestling) know their audience, and they give them exactly what they want. And as of late, they want ass. Enter into the picture Billy Gunn. One half of the tag team The New Age Outlaws. But as time has gone on, his name has changed from Billy Gunn, to Badd Ass Billy Gunn, to Badd Ass, and now to Mr. Ass.

I can almost picture the conversation with his mom right now. "Yeah mom. I'm wearing pink tights, and calling myself Mr. Ass. "

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