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Communion Anal Probe Scene Museum

by El Snatcher

1999-08-24 05:31:51

Many people consider Christopher Walken's finest acting job to be his roll in The Deer Hunter, the 1978 film about the effects of Vietnam. He garnered the Best-Supporting-Actor Oscar for it. However, his true tour de force is Communion, a greatly under appreciated film about bad, buggerin' aliens.

Communion is the film adaptation of nebbishy author Witley Strieber's true story of alien abduction. "The Visitors," as they are called, repeatedly kidnapped him and performed horrible probing maneuvers on him in their spaceship. Christopher Walken plays Witley Strieber.

What makes the film interesting is that Christopher Walken manages to make Witley Strieber seem like a normal person. Walken is so good at playing evil freakouts, that its hard to remember sometimes that he can also play the Everyman quite well.

What makes the film INCREDIBLE is that Christopher Walken is basically cast against a bunch of paper mache puppets, yet it works. Sometimes the aliens look like cardboard cutouts on sticks. Some of them look like midgets in Halloween masks. But Walken manages to make them all ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING (I mean more terrifying than midgets in Halloween masks already are). His roll amounts to a series of fantastic monologues. The monologues of a desperate man trying to reason with aliens. Talk to them. Persuade them from going for his bunghole.

And now, some Web site calling itself "The Doogieland Amusement Park" has a page devoted to one of the most horrifying scenes in Communion, the anal probe scene, complete with pictures and wav files. It is a wonderful museum.

Go there now.

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