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Walken Fan Club Materializes

by El Snatcher

2000-08-19 03:32:14

Hey Crazy: join the Christopher Walken fan club! Free membership and everything! Dang. As I sit here drinking wine and listening to pirated Gnotella Willie Nelson music, it occurs to me that everyone should join this club right away...

Oh! BTW, they are having terrible problems with their membership daterbase, so if you know how to do up big daterbases, give these guys a hand. For all our sakes.

The big message that the club is trying to get out right now is that Chris needs YOUR VOTE for the 2000 MTV Movie awards. So get on that shit., or whatever; this is important stuff.

But the best part about the Web site is the fan-contri buted material.

What I admire the most about my fellow club members is that some of them may actually be crazier than me! I just wish I could have stalked Walken a couple of times, but these guys actually did it! Beaujolais to them!

And don't forget to read WON the (Walken online newsletter).

Walk on!

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