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Tim Burton Uses Christopher Walken to Scare Up Audiences

by Flesh

1999-11-28 17:44:31

Tim Burton found himself in a bit of a situation. It seems that no actor in hollywood wanted to take the role of of the Headless Horseman, because of the obvious lack of visage. Who did they call? Christopher Walken!

Sure, they could have called Steve Buscemi, who will be in any movie for $5.00. But could you actually picture Lil' Stevie as the monstrous Hessian Horseman? Neither could Tim Burton, or Francis Ford Copola. So the call went out to the one man who would do it. Walken did such a good job, that Burton actually re-wrote the entire script (after a night of binging on spocktails) so that he would appear on screen, scaring women, causing young children to loose control of their bladders, and men to shake in fear. Two spock ears up for Christopher, and two more to Tim for casting him!

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