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Always do sober what you promised you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.
-- Ernest Hemmingway

No really! It's my friend's!

by Flesh

1999-08-18 14:20:20

We've all heard the drug stories at one time or another about people doing things so incredibly stupid, that you wonder if the should be given a euthanasia gift certificate, redeemable on the spot. Well here's the king god story of them all. Get this: Richard Minnier, AKA Richie Rich gets arrested for possession of a meth lab that was in the back of his truck, that he brought to the courthouse while he awaited trial of meth manufacturing!

Rich claims that the lab materials (complete with wet meth) actually belonged to a friend who wanted out of the business, and he has said he would properly destroy the lab for his friend after his hearing.


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