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The MAN-tini

by Baron Earl

2007-01-04 20:37:19

It was New Year's Eve and I wanted a signature drink I could hand to my guests. Something that they would accept with no fuss, drink quickly, and then want another. A drink simple enough that I could explain the recipe quickly -- thereby annointing each new guest as a bartender capable of making the drink -- and freeing me to enjoy myself. So I created The MAN-tini...

It's real simple:

  • Take one small 8oz tumbler.
  • Add about a 1/3 cup of crushed ice.
  • Pour in champagne to just below the half-full point.
  • Add a jigger (1.5 oz) of high quality vodka.
  • Fill to the top with MANgo juice. (This doesn't have to be pure Mango juice -- I used a Mango-Pineapple-Peach juice I found in cartons at the local grocery store -- but "Mango" should be the first-listed ingredient.)
  • Top with a little umbrella for extra MAN-li-ness.

My guests couldn't get enough of these things. Try them out at your next party and see for yourself.

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