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BOOJ! There It Is
2000-03-22 19:24:14

Spocktail of the Week
isn't there a zen sect that considers immersing oneself in sensual pleasures to be a path to nirvana ?
-- rotten elf


Another delicioso Spocktail from the grumbling belly of Spock Mountain Research Labs/Beverage Technology division! Go Spock-o! Go Spock-o! Get busy now! Go Spock-o!

This week's Spocktail of the Week is based on the wonderfully bitter and horrible wine, the beaujolais nouveau! The beaujolais nouveau (BOO-zho-lay NOO-voh) is the new wine from the Beaujolais region of French. Like all young wines, it is ill-tempered and disrespectful; like everything French, it is highly decadent and dismissive.

Also, since the wine comes out in November, by March (now) it's cheap as all hell, marked down to practically NOTHING on the discount shelves. A fine wine for everyone! A fine wine for SPOCKTAILS!

Our spocktail of the week, the BOOJ! There It Is, has the same in-your-ass attitude of beaujolais nouveau, with a funky twist. The crabby flavors of beaujolais nouveau, mixed with the ice-pick brainsplitting Absolut and the sickly-sweet Cointreau make for a bounty of feverish fun.

I like to mix up a big batch of BOOJ! There It Is's when I've got to do some power-brokering between rival Chinese street gangs. The crazy flavors of BOOJ! There It Is make the stiff-haired huang chei mellow out for long enough that we can lay out a map on the table and divide up the ha (neighborhoods) with a Sharpie pen without somebody getting a dragon-handled switchblade through the back of their hand.

And beaujolais to that!

BOOJ! There It Is


  • 6 oz. beaujolais nouveau (any vintage)
  • 1-1/2 oz. Absolut citron
  • 1/2 oz. Cointreau
  • crushed ice


Pour beaujolais nouveau into a big glass. Splash in the Absolut. Splash it! Be florid about it! Then, a dash of Cointreau and a half handful of ice, and BOOJ! There It Is. Serve immediately.

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