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Spock Has No PANTS

by Mr. Bad

1999-08-07 12:23:54

Hey! It's a movie on the Web with SPOCK! And he has no PANTS!

So, some crazy guy did a spoof of that "Star Track" thing with a new little movie of his own, called "Star Trak" (get it?). It's all crazy Claymation set on the Enterprise. The plot has something to do with circling Uranus looking for the real Darth Vader or something. It's quite amusing, but I'm not a Star Track fan so I don't get a lot of the Jedi jokes.

But all the rest of it is immaterial, because the best part is that SPOCK HAS NO PANTS! Serious! Har! Spock walks around with NO PANTS all the time! Ha! That's the Spock we know and love, people! NO-PANTS SPOCK-O!

So, I heartily invite all takers to go watch this crazy thinger. You need to get you one of them there RealMedia G2 PornPlayer (TM) doohickeys, like you watch the pornos with on your computer. But you knew that already.

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Damn Ay-leens!

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