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Krazy Kraftwerkish Swedes Love Spocko!

by Mr. Bad

2000-03-13 10:51:25

It's true! Everybody loves Spock-o, of course, but nobody loves Spock-o like the crazy-ass citizens of the Kingdom of Sweden. And the Kraftwerkish lyrical stylings of silvery S.P.O.C.K just go to prove it!

Sure, there are a ton of bands with names that include the name of SPOCK, and most of them suck big rhino wangers. Like, they all ABUSE the Spock name without actually talking much about Spock. Which I think is criminal, dammit! You go buy a record album at the local Sam Goody outlet with the name SPOCK on the cover, and when you get home you expect to find inside some catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics relating to SPOCK, and instead it's all about being SAD and ALTERNO and having dumb girlfriends and shit like that. It's infuriating! When I buy a box of SPOCK, I expect it to have some non-zero percentage of SPOCK INSIDE, despite any settling that may have occurred during shipping. GAR GAR GAR!

That is why the super-Euro Dieter band S.P.O.C.K is such a resounding relief for Spock-lovers everywhere. They've been recording songs that are CHOCK FULL OF SPOCK for 12 years now! Songs like "Never Trust a Klingon" and "Dr. McCoy" are INHERENTLY SPOCKISH. Yeah, they've got some of that Star Track stuff going on, which I pretty much don't understand since I never saw the Analkin Skywalker Star Track movies, but they make up for it by making important references to SPOCK. How could that be wrong?

The current line up includes Android, Yo-haan and Crull-E, and if you go to this site and look around you'll figure that these fellas are some kind of evil Scandinavian motorcycle gang, since they don't look scary and intellectual and techno like, say, KRAFTWERK. But LOOK A LITTLE CLOSER. They wear BIG SILVER JUMPSUITS and FLY-EYE SHADES, and have big "Wild One" haircuts. Jesus, man! They carry goddamn PHASERS, for crying in a bucket!

The music, of course, is hard to describe. S.P.O.C.K plays synth-heavy EIGHTIES-style art rock techno, and they have creepy-ass Dieter Swede accents. Which is how you know it's ART, and they're not just shit-house crazy. Although the two aren't necessarily incompatible.

The S.P.O.C.K page has lots of pitchers and data and information and such, and you can spend a long time dicking around there instead of filling out those first-quarter reports that your boss wanted last Thursday. The only problem I gots with the S.P.O.C.K site is that they don't carry enough MP3 musical stylings on the site. Where are the MP3s? That is what I'd like to know. But if you are interested in Spock music (and S.P.O.C.K music), you can always go dick around on Napster and find a song or so.

Beaujolais for S.P.O.C.K!

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