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Kooky Chinese Use Condoms As Balloons!

by Ms.BunnyPenny

1999-06-18 16:12:25

Boy, you sure have to hand it to the Chinese when it comes to fun! China has taken our prophylactic technology and moved it one step further...

"Unlike you Stupid Americans, we know how to make sex education fun!" said a Chinese health expert.

"In your country you stick condom on boring banana, in ours we make fun time balloons!!"

Apparently, in an effort to compete against the U.S. in another "sensitive" area, the Chinese are concentrating all their energies on making sure that they are one step ahead of the game in prophylactic application and contraceptive fun.

The Chinese Premiere stated, "The people of China have been mobilized! We will not be left behind! We will be in the forefront of this new contraceptive fun, and we will be the world leaders in this field!" After which he proved his point by blowing up a French tickler balloon with a K-Y jelly smiley face painted upon it.

After one spirited rally, a student was quoted as saying, "We used to think that we should keep them hidden and only bring them out in the dark, but now we know we can play with them openly and laugh and giggle!"

Time will only tell if this new Commie tactic will work, but the U.S. had better watch over its shoulder in this ever competitive field.

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