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The laughable extreme confirms the rule.
-- Mr. Bad

Wobbly but Still Strong

by Mr. Bad

1999-06-11 12:47:27

"I was a Wobbly... back when it meant something." Man, Matewan is a kick-ass flick! But anyways, so are the Wobblies! AND they're still wobbling around!

It's hard to believe a political movement dating back to the 19th century is still kicking around now. Sure, they never really came through, but if for nothing else, you have to give the IWW some credit for thinking BIG.

Fuck, who doesn't like the idea one BIG union of muscly workers with their sleeves rolled up throwing all the cigar smoking fat cat bosses and their weaselly shills into the ocean! And taking their big bags of money with "$" on them! For the workers! Yeah!

OK, but anyways, check out the Wobbly page. Wobble on!

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