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I am not Spock.
-- Leonard Nimoy

De' Sponge, She's Back

by JRoyale

1999-06-06 20:15:44

Girlfriend can't stand the pill and you hate wearing your "party" hat whenever you want some pussy. Well good news -- the Sponge is BACK.

That's right's right, America's favorite form of birth control is back on the market thanks to Allendale -- who recently bought the rights to make the pink swab of high tech plastic. Just pop one in her and pump away for up to 24 hours. No more will be your wad be held captive in your condom, only to be tossed in in the nearest trash receptacle or discarded behind a bush. But, instead, your load will be free to be... well spooge... hot drippy jism, that you can your partner can enjoy.

Buy a box today.

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