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One Day Greenwich Times Is Bastardly Queer
2000-02-08 16:40:20

Special Ideas
Oh crappity-crap. I spend all that time filling in all the questions, and now I guess they sent my report off to the fake email address I entered on the first page.
-- P A U L


Gene Ray, Cubic, explains it all for you! You see, since there's four midpoints to the day (mid-day, mid-night, sun-up, and sun-down), there are actually four days happening at once. That's right, a simultaneous 4-day time cube! Obviously, this means that god is an evil invention, education induces stupidity, and self-god is lowest human behavior.

Wow! Previously, I'd been rendered stupid by my education, but now it all makes sense! Since there's actually three Equators, there's four simultaneous days! See?

I've been cured of my queerness by this revelation!

However, not only has this taught me everything I needed to know about the universe, and enlightened me completely, wiping away the brainwashing of my youth, but it's given me a lot of important things I can yell at people:

"Only baby is born! Adult is not born!"

"4-cornered truth is ineffible by man or god!"

"All clock faces are wrong!"

"God is cornered as a queer!"

"Word is a Trojan Horse"

(which actually explains a lot about why Office 2000 keeps deleting the margins on my Avery 5388 cards)

"You Word-Murder Your Children!"

It's nice to see a mature web site that shows the truth, among so many wacked- out crackpot sites that spout incoherent lies. Just the other day, I saw some site rambling on about how there was only one day per day, and that clock faces were accurate, and that education was a good thing. Gene Ray, Cubic, helps dispel those kinds of weird rantings and shows us The Truth.

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