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Burn All Gifs Day ANNOUNCED!
1999-10-05 18:52:18

Software Jihad
The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.
-- Humphrey Bogart


Hey, it's finally official! 11/5/1999 is BURN ALL GIFS DAY! See what you can do TODAY.

So, as has been recorded before in these pages, Unisys is stupid and needs a bitch-slapping bad over the GIF patent issue. And you, GENTLE READER, are the one to give it to them!

Go check out burnallgifs.org (linked at the bottom of this page). There's lots of info there about ERADICATING the GIF format from the face of this earth. It's an abomination which has long outlived its uselessness.

[Addendum: 'Tricky' Rick Moen pointed out that November 5th is also Guy Fawkes Day, which is this English holiday that also celebrates FIRE. Talk about your synchronicity and shit.]

So, get involved, start a Burn All GIFs day in your village or rural community or city or whatever, and help us stomp out GIF. I'll be in Silicon Valley on the 5th with a blowtorch, some conversion tools, and a dream. Hope to see you there.

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