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Major Operating Source Code Leaked

by Dkr. Armand Geddyn

2004-02-13 17:13:19

Operating system source code responsible for running millions of computers on the Internet is now exposed to widespread scrutiny, thanks to the notorious hacker web site,

It is widely reported that this gross lapse in security is the final piece of the puzzle criminals need in order to finally start building reliable, cutting-edge exploits -- referred to by hackers as "0days."

Sources close to confirm that the source code has been available from the publisher for years, due not to a clever worm or virus, but because of systemically weak security practices.

Other hacker groups, such as FreeBSD and Be11 Labz, also offer the full source code of other operating systems.

Microsoft Corporation, so far, has avoided such embarrassment with its popular Windows 2000 and Windows NT operating systems. However, despite the company's famous Trusted Computing initiative, there are reports that some portions of the Windows source code are available through peer-to-peer distribution networks. Until now, it has only been available to select, highly trusted governments such as The People's Republic of China and The Kingdom of Bahrain.

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