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Cracking the Wireless Camera Ads?

by Donkey Hotey

2001-07-07 00:39:55

Hey so I was searching for a new wireless camera to put in the office lavatory when I discovered this FANTASTIC deal, sitting right underneath my web browser. How did it get there? MAGIC, I figured at first.

Then I realized that it wasn't magic, but rather a TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH by the folks at that "innovative company" known as Media Metrix says was the #5 visited domain in the month of May, and they became much more pervasive in June, so they must be getting up there. Go x10! More wireless cameras for EVERYBODY!

Did you know that they are "utilizing a new form of advertising technology called 'pop-under ads"? this is cutting edge, people.

(don't tell anyone but the secret is alwaysLowered=1)

If you want to read all about it, go to

There's a link there to disable the cookies for 30 days. it looks like this

Notice that it says DAY=30 as one of the querystring parameters.

So this might work for a year:

Of course, this will only stop ads. I'm sure fastclick will get plenty more clients after this.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know Javascript is bad, and I'm sure Rick Moen has never seen an x10 ad, and I'm very proud of him.

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