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Redhat's Retort to M$: "P~~~~~~~~~~~~"

by JRoyale

2001-02-26 09:53:21

In a somewhat childish response to Microsoft's claim last week that Open Source Software is "Un-American", that matched Microsoft latest round of immature attacks and speaks to Microsoft in a language that they understand - that of a 3rd grade schoolyard bully.

Matthew J. Szulik, RedHat's CEO, effectively counters most of the Redmond FUD - correctly pointing out that in 8 years Linux has become a far more mature platform then anything that Microsoft has been able to ever deliver with its Mafia-like marketing practices and its proprietary, innovation killing engineering department.

Szulik points out that Microsoft is panicking as users learn the benefits of actually owning the software they use as opposed to whatever "rights" Microsoft chooses to allow them to have.

Finally, Szulik, challenges Microsoft to a debate. A debate I'm sure Microsoft will never accept, knowing its only defense is FUD and while FUD can work well in a one-sided marketing message - FUD does poorly against with a smart and knowledgeable opponent defending the very American values of "...Freedom, access and individual rights"

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