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Software Patents, The UK, and You

by Mr. Bad

2000-11-06 01:53:18

OK, so, software patents, right? They suck ass. We have them in the US, but actually a lot of countries around the world think they're a bogus idea and don't honor them. Which, like, GOOD for THEM.

Why do software patents suck? Umm... jeez, I dunno where to start. Go read this for a couple of hours and then come back here.

*tapping feet* *checking out passersby* *examining cuticles* *thinkin' bout string*

OK, hey, YOU'RE BACK. COOL. So, now that you hate software patents, it's time to start doing something about it. The UK Patent Office has asked for comment from software professionals, Web folks, and the business community on the issue of software patents. I guess they're trying to reform their system so it doesn't become a whacked-out mess like our own.

Just because they asked for serious responses, doesn't mean that WHACKED-OUT SOFTWARE JIHAD SPECIALISTS can't go slam down some serious knowledge on the heads of the UK Patent Office. Go straighten these fellas out! Give 'em a piece of your freedom-lovin' mind, you software jihadist, you! Go get 'em, tiger!

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