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I don't care what any of these eggheads say about estrogenic whatzahoozits. I'm willing to sing soprano and have a huge quivering hairy vagina in the middle of my chest if it means I get to have JUSTONE MORE GODDAMN BEER.
-- Mr. Bad

It's My Party, I'll Code If I Want To

by Mr. Bad

1999-03-23 10:08:00

'Two thousand zero zero, party over, out of time! So tonight we're gonna party at Mozilla 99!' OK, that's pretty stupid. But the Mozilla party is a blast, and no matter how lame you are, you should come.

Mozilla-dot-party is a celebration of Mozilla, the open source version of Netscape Communicator. It's a FREE PARTY (you gotta pay for drinks), and it pulls in geeks from all over. Thrown by Jamie Zawienski (best known for BBDB), it's a real good time.

Last year's Mozilla-dot-party was the highlight of the geek social season. Pigdog Journal sent a strong representative crowd, and we were BY FAR not the geekiest people there. The crowd was a real cool mix of dressed-in-black Web design fuckheads and dressed-in-camo Open Source guerrillas, with a few dressed-in-Polo Silicon Valley hardware drones thrown in for good measure.

I heartily recommend that you come watch me get stupid drunk and cage dance naked with the giant styrofoam Mozilla statue. It was a crowd-pleaser last year, and I'm sure I'll get a few cheers again in 1999.

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