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Mozilla Dot Party Three Point Fucking Oh!

by Mr. Bad

2000-03-06 10:22:01

Damn! I can't believe it's been TWO YEARS since Netscape released the source code for Navigator at the Mozilla Dot Party on March 31st, 1998. CRAZY!

To celebrate the fantastico party, Mozilla team leader and big FREAK Jamie Zawienski threw a big PARTAY at the Sound Factory, a grodie South-of-Market night club in San Francisco. GRODIE, but big enough to hold the thousands of Free Software advocates, Web digerati types, PARTY PEOPLE and just plain coolio folks that came to the first Mozilla Dot Party.

LAST YEAR, JWZ left the Mozilla Project a few days before Mozilla Dot Party 2 point oh. It was a dark time for Mozillur -- the code was going through some major overhauls, without much visible progress. But it was a GREAT PARTY, anyways! I had a blast! There must have been THIRTY Spock Mountain Research Labs cyberbilly research fellows there, whooping it up and drinking big Spocktails. Beaujolais!

And now this Free Software Webby tradition will CONTINUE with Moziller Dot Party Three Point Oh. Hooray! Mozillur dot party is the BEST PARTY EVER. It's fun, you can DANCE, and there's MOZILLUR SOURCE CODE projected on every available surface. Not only that, but maybe Mozillur M14 will be available by then. Mozillur is getting REALLY GOOD, folks, if you haven't tried it lately.

Anyways, go to Mozillur Dot Party, but don't stand between me and the bar, eh? And if you see someone in a SMRL lab coat, DAMMIT, man, BUY THEM A DRINK! They're doing the research so you don't have to.

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