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Bad Toilet Browser

by El Snatcher

1999-04-08 06:56:00

Spock Mountain Research Labs hit the Mozilla party with full force this year. There were so many lab coats that half the people there thought that we were putting the party on. We danced like freaks, drank recklessly, and TALKED SHIT. And then Upside Magazine came and talked to us!!

So check out Sam Williams' latest "Down the Toilet" column in Upside Today.

Despite my drunken remarks about a general loss of energy, I want to say that I love Mozilla and I loved this year's Mozilla party. Even though it's true that it wasn't as good as last year's, it was STILL one of the best parties I've been to in the city this year, or any year. We here at Spock Mountain were just as shocked as everyone else to learn that Jamie Zawinski had resigned.

If nothing else, JWZ can throw a good goddamn party.

I truly hope that Mozilla is NOT down the toilet. Perhaps JWZ's resignation will help spur the rest of the Mozilla team on, and help to break the project off from AOL (and what's left of Netscape), so that it becomes much more a real Open Source, community-based project.

What really IS "down the toilet" is Netscape itself. It's really extremely sad to see a fantastico company like Netscape deteriorate. There hasn't been anything so sad since Steve Jobs got thrown out of Apple, and John Sculley ran the company into the ground like a drill.

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