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Let's Go Universal Remote!

by Tjames Madison

2000-05-10 00:30:06

I love the web. Do you know why? No, it's not just because of the plentiful, easy-to-locate pornography and baseball scores. It's also because of stuff like this: pages with no other real purpose than to give you lists of universal remote codes.

I bought this universal remote at MacFrugals, which is basically the same thing as Pic 'n' Save or Big Lots (depending on your geographic location.) It was real cheap and I needed a stupid universal remote. But then one of the VCRs had a problem and we had to switch it around with another one that was sitting in a closet or something, and there was some problem involving hooking it up to the TV, so we had to use a different TV, which was also sitting around in a closet or somewhere, so the remote control was no good because I lost the little booklet which came with it so all we could watch was channel 3, which was all blue, all the time.

But then I noticed the name of the remote, and I thought, "Hmmm... maybe they have a website."

And of course they did! As a matter of fact, when I was describing this to my girlfriend, she pointed out that when the Web first came into existence, one of the very first types of pages that started showing up was pages full of codes for universal remotes! Because everyone loses that stupid-ass booklet that comes with the remote! HaHA!

Anyway, go to the website, decide which model remote you're using (One For All helpfully places the model number on back of the device) and wait for a big ol' screen dump full of tasty cold codes! Now I can watch wrestling again!

This is a good service. Remember, if anyone ever starts complaing onto you about those evil universal remote companies and how they smash the poor and whatnot, remind them about those pages on the web full of codes, which are there for YOU, friend.

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