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Never trust a man in a blue trenchcoat; never drive a car when you're dead.
-- Tom Waits

What is hanty?

by Downer Cow

2005-11-26 16:37:35

Do you want to give gifts that stand out? Gifts that can't be mistaken for mall drek? Do you want to give a gift that says "love" and maybe "help!"? Don't fight the Wal-Mart crowds, stay home and make a custom hanty for your special someone.

Whether your special someone is a narrow-hipped Japanese girl, a slender boy, or a RealDoll, she/he/it is sure to be thrilled on Christmas morning to find a handmade hanty under the tree. Silky and lacy for the girls, or . . . well, silky and lacy for the boys, either the regular hanty or the masculine "snake charmer" hanty is sure to be a hit.

Grandma gave you a hanky last year? A HANKY? Who uses those anymore? Give her back a sweet-ass hanty.

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