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did the body take her meds?
-- maj


by Mr. Bad

1998-12-24 18:51:00

OK, here's one classic example of poor re-use of military technology: NORAD, AKA the Nuke Spooks, are using your tax dollars to supposedly "track" Santa Claus through the Northern Hemisphere. What a crock of shit!

Now, this is dorky when they make the Channel 7 weatherman go stand outside on Christmas Eve and send back "progress reports". But NORAD?!? Are they gonna SHOOT SANTA or something?

But, now that I think of it, it kind of makes sense. NORAD has spent the last 50 years tracking a made-up threat from the Soviets -- I guess tracking a made-up Christmas elf is along the same lines. Anyways, ho ho fukkin' ho! Go see Santa, eh?

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