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Ayatollah This Was Gonna Happen

by Tjames Madison

1999-07-13 22:03:09

Haw haw! Remember those wacky Iranian "students" who held all those people hostage back when Jimmy Carter was President and made all those people like Ted Koppel famous because he got to come on the TV every night and look all worried and go "America Held Hostage! Day 217!" and then he would talk about those bad "students" and what are those "students" going to do and who knows what those "students" want? Well ha ha ha, now those "students" are mad at the Ayatollah!

It's crazy! People - REAL students, and just plain normal citizens who are sick and tired of being governed by severely humorless religious zealots - are going out in the streets in Tehran and throwing bricks at fancy official cars and anyone who looks like a religious figure, only to have the state police respond with machine gun fire directed randomly at the huge, unruly pro-reform crowds. It's just like when the nasty Shah was in power, except different. Don't you see?!?

This thing in Iran has ALL the ingredients of a proper, shit-crazy out-of-control riot, PLUS the "We were right, and you 'students' were always just hired muscle with bad haircuts and unruly beards" factor that Americans love so much.

So get out those musty old "Ayatollah Assaholia" t-shirts you've been keeping in the attic, and wear 'em proudly to work tomorrow. Then after this is done, we can get real mad about that Kadafy all over again!

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