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Stonehenge Solstice Ceremonies Turn Ugly

by El Snatcher

1999-06-21 03:30:33

Hundreds of bad hippies, scofflaw witches, and drunken ravers stormed the Stonehenge monuments during the summer solstice last weekend, dancing on top of the monoliths and interrupting the official druid ceremonies. Riot police were called in and battled the revelers for hours with vicious dogs, billy clubs, and horse units.

A police officer and several malcontents were injured.

The boss of the British White Witches, Kevin Carlyon, says he tried to warn police about the possibility of a riot due to web sites calling for a solstice rave at the ancient monument.

Nearly 1000 hippies, "earth people," witches, and tourists descend on Stonehenge each year for the solstice, but access to the ancient monument is restricted to only 100 specially licensed warlocks and witches who perform official ceremonies.

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