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Tightening of the scrotum

by Baron Earl

2023-08-12 19:43:23

Tightening of the scrotum is a new trend in plastic surgery. Although the procedure has been rapidly increasing in popularity, no one had thought to scientifically study men's and women's aesthetic preferences as to what makes a good-looking, visually-pleasing scrotum. That oversight has now been corrected, thanks to a study recently published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

The study, titled The scrotum: A comparison of men's and women's aesthetic assessments, is intended to compare men's and women's evaluation of various sizes of scrotum. The idea is to help men who elect to undergo this procedure decide on the best size for the most pleasing package possible.

People participating in the study were shown lots photographs of men's balls: big balls, little balls, balls of varying widths, balls that hung low, balls that wobbled to and fro, balls that you could tie in a knot, balls you could tie in a bow.

Here's a graph from the study that shows something, but I'm not sure what. I thought it looked like deformed balls and it made me laugh.

The study concluded that no one really likes looking at balls, that there's no real agreement on what makes a beautiful scrotum, only that there are some sacs that are less ugly than others.

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