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by Generalissimo Fresh-n-Fruity

2022-03-14 00:55:26

Want to help bypass Putin's news blockade and talk directly to real Russians? A Norwegian computer programmer has set up a site that allows you to send up to 150 emails from your own email account to random email addresses inside of Russia. You can send them whatever information you want, bypassing Russian information blockades.

The service sets a default subject line and message body, but you can add, modify, or rewrite the message and send anything that you want. Since you're sending from your own email address the person you're writing to can reply. You can have a conversation, share news and information, and connect with real, everyday Russian citizens.

Current stats indicate that of the 90 million email addresses in the database, about 80% of the email gets delivered to someone's inbox and about 20% of the addresses are no longer working. Each time you use the service you send to a new, random group of addresses. In just the past few days over 22 million emails have been sent using this service, helping Russians to learn about the war despite the news blockades imposed by Putin.

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