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I hate the French! Give back our weirdo hillbilly television, you goddamn Frogs!
-- Tjames Madison

We'rrreeeee Baaaaaccccckkkkk

by JRoyale

2004-01-29 10:12:11

As you long time readers have probably figured out, the PDJ has been experiencing some "minor" technical difficulties over the past several months, which have prevented from updating our site.

Technical difficulties and a severe shortage of booze. But we've managed to sort out our liquor problems and we now have a brand spanking use server that Snatcher picked up off of EBay for a 35 cents and stuffed it full of frozen pig parts he brought back from his Xmas trip to Iowa. Now that the pig parts have melted and starting rotting we managed to stick this server into a super secret rack in some ultra high security co-lo -- where if you tell anybody the location, they kill ya. I suspect the stench from the rotting pig parts will keep anyone from messing with our box this time. At least, that's the plan.

So we is back in bizness and we are ready to once again ROX like SOXS in a BOX.


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