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Summer Relief From Itching Clown Syndrome

by Tjames Madison

1999-07-21 13:55:50

Do you hate clowns? Good, you're normal; clowns are evil and they're only trying to cause trouble.

Just look at them: flaming red hair, big, bulbous nose, hugely oversized feet. TINY CARS. In a different era, people called clowns "trolls" and told their children to stay away from the areas under bridges where they lived, lest they be snatched and eaten whole, like a ripe grape. Clowns are up to no good.

So now you can let everybody know you're hip to the clown conspiracy. This place offers a free "" email account to "people who are afraid of or just plain hate evil clowns." The "evil" part is redundant. Show me a good clown. Just find one.

Anyway, you can also buy books and records and movies about clowns through this site, so you know what the enemy looks like, as well as t-shirts to promote this crucially important cause.

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