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Oh, oh, oh, the despair. Will I ever be kewl in Master Squid's eyes!
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Do Math Geeks Dream of Electric Drabble?

by Tjames Madison

1999-07-16 01:15:08

Whoa! "Math Humor"! Can you think of anything funnier than math? I know I can't.

This is a big archive of mathgeek cartoons, mostly stuff like old "making fun of Linus for busting up the grading curve"-type Peanuts strips and lame-o Far Side knockoffs where something happens like this: Einstein gets drunk and falls off his chair! He didn't really mean to write "E=MC2," but he was DRUNK! Get it?!?

Like here's another example:

Kid is sitting in a classroom watching his teacher write on the blackboard. Kid says, "Just a darn minute! Yesterday you said X equals TWO!"


And so on. All that's missing here is that Very Special Family Circus one where little Billy comes up to Dad and says, "Daddy, Mommy said you were a square, but your head describes a circle. Teacher says that's not possible."

OK, I made that up. But wouldn't that have been a great Family Circus?

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