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-- Lisa Scovel


by Mr. Bad

1999-07-06 20:10:46

This is some crazy Czech site. But it's COOL. Man! I don't even know what MUJWEB means, but I think I like it! MUJWEB! It's just fun to say "MUJWEB", isn't it?

It says on this page that they even give you 11 Mb of something. Or maybe Mb is a word in Czech. Fuck if I know!

They got lots of features, though! MUJATLAS, MUJWEB, and MUJMAIL! MUJ MUJ MUJ MUJ MUJ!!!!!! Rocking the MUJ at the drop of a hat! Yes yes, y'all!

I even managed to sign up for MUJMAIL!!!! It's really cool! Send me mail at It's a flippin' POP3 mailbox, too! How cool is that!?

I love MUJ! Everybody should do MUJ!!!

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